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170 » Margery

Location: Temecula
Date: 09.08.2015
Time: 05:30:23

Lovely Site, Thx! Keep up the great work.

169 » Blue Mist

Location: Leicester, England
Date: 07.08.2014
Time: 15:37:01

Greetings to all,
I have been a follower to this religion for sometime now and have found it to be one of the best things to happen to me. Also, this site has helped a lot. I don't know what I would have done without it!
Blessings to all, Blue Mist (Orla)

168 » kim

Location: Minnesota, heritage Irish southern Ireland
Date: 15.04.2014
Time: 15:58:19

I have learned that I am part druid as this goes back very far in my family history of being Irish. I am looking to join this site, but also wondering if there are other sites that might help me understand better what this means for me as being part druid. I don't know exactly what things I can do as being part druid or what it means for me. I hope you can help. Thank You. I am also currently studying shamanism.

167 » Nine

Location: belgiė
Date: 11.10.2013
Time: 18:25:30

Goedenavond iedereen,
Mijn naam is Nine. Ik volg al een tijdje de Jaarfeesten. Echter nu heb ik behoefte, me aan te sluiten bij een groep gelijkgestemden. Ik heb me hier ingeschreven in de hoop dat jullie me meer informatie kunnen geven en eventueel een groep aanduiden.
Ik heb ongetwijfeld veel te leren en wil dat van de juiste mensen doen.

dank en groeten, Nine

166 » Jennabeth

Location: UK
Date: 03.09.2013
Time: 17:09:50

Hello all,
I have just become a member of The New Order of Druids, though I have followed a spiritual path for many years now. It would be nice to connect with other druid people. Love and Light. Jennabeth

165 » Princess Luna

Location: centries
Date: 14.08.2012
Time: 22:44:41

I want to thank all my brothers and sisters for exepting me.im finally home.in also have luthern and druid religion.would love to chat.

164 » Marty

Location: United States
Date: 14.08.2012
Time: 22:17:39

Greetings to all my brothers and sisters in the faith.and please remember to stay your self. Princess Luna

163 » Adam

Location: Slovakia
Date: 11.10.2010
Time: 17:50:05

Witam. Good site, greetings from Slovakia.

162 » Gerald Van Waes

Location: Belgiƫ
Date: 05.09.2009
Time: 11:39:02


Ik geef een lezing binnenkort over 3 mensen die zich terugtrokken in de natuur/stad/boerderij elk met hun eigen filosofie. De eerste persoon zou jullie mloeten interesseren : Gwydion, een belangrijke druide die ook muziek maakte.

Info op de website van de Theosofische Vereniging Loge Antwerpen

welkom op 18-10. Je mag ook info meenemen over jullie activiteiten.

161 » orthodoxdruid

Location: Minnesota, USA
Date: 17.04.2008
Time: 02:06:59

A Solitary Druid in the land of Lutherans and I ce and Snow. Glad You found me and look forward to the journey.
Druidry has been with me all my life, but only discovered 4 years ago.
I have much to learn and MUCH to offer.

160 » Morgan

Location: England
Date: 27.02.2008
Time: 14:58:39

Hello, my name is Morgan and I am new to this site and Druidry but feel I have belonged for much longer. I hope to learn and make some friends here, so please drop by and say 'hello'.


159 » Aine

Location: UK
Date: 22.02.2008
Time: 17:14:52

can I just say thank you all so much for this site. I have been soul searching for so long and have found a lot of peace in druidy. this site has given me the chance to meet other like minded peopel and learn more about something I feel very close to. I hope to be a member for a long, long time. Birght blessings Aine

158 » Dave cox

Location: France
Date: 26.01.2008
Time: 07:51:17

I'm an eco protester with some collective successes and have recently found and joined a Save Tara campaign that I found on facebook.I have friends and family in the war band in england but I'd like to Know more of what is happening regarding Tara and the proposed m3. I wish to do anything that may help oppose and resist such vandalism of such an historically important part of this worlds heritage. DC France.

157 » natalie

Location: nederland
Date: 06.10.2007
Time: 12:54:49

Dag lieve mensen,
Ik wil graag voor 1 jaar lid worden, maar kan de (IBAN)gegevens om via de bank over te schrijven niet vinden. Ben al 2 dagen bezig om te upgraden. HELP!!
Fantastische site, ben gelijk lid geworden (als dat goed is gegaan tenminste)

156 » Melina

Location: Dayton Ohio Usa
Date: 01.06.2007
Time: 16:39:42

Awesome Site

155 » raketa15

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 07.02.2007
Time: 20:01:34

You Have a great web site!!!!
Thank you!

154 » funnyMax

Location: Germany
Date: 12.01.2007
Time: 12:47:20

Good job, here and there!!! Keep it up, I like your guestbook!!!
Please add your comments at my site.

153 » Morrigan Viviane

Date: 05.01.2007
Time: 00:17:09

Wow, this site is great! I'm just waiting for my registration E-Mail so I'll see you all later!

152 » christopher

Location: Carson City, NV
Date: 01.01.2007
Time: 04:59:00

Greetings. Seems I have gifts appropriate for a Druid. Exploring.

151 » Panannto

Location: Kazakhstan
Date: 15.12.2006
Time: 17:33:10

Hey People!
This is very nice site!!!
Forever Rules!

150 » Janiyah

Location: Tehuacan
Date: 29.11.2006
Time: 21:16:18

Howdy Folks. I was wondering if anyone had any details on the Eastern re-union that is being held in Moncton in 2007. Cheers, Dan

149 » Excellent site, added to favorites!!

Location: Excellent site, added to favorites!!
Date: 29.11.2006
Time: 15:38:38

Excellent site, added to favorites!!

148 » JosdUst

Location: USA
Date: 16.11.2006
Time: 21:16:56

Hi Nice Site :)
Who are you?

147 » Curiousity

Date: 18.10.2006
Time: 08:44:52

A very worthwhile site to explore. It has a very pleasant feel and a great deal of useful information regarding the organization and related topics. Thank you for letting me peruse it.

146 » NokiyaUp

Location: USA
Date: 03.10.2006
Time: 11:47:06

I have found on your site a lot of the interesting facts. Thanks!

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